Office 365 email migration

As most business owners, you’ve probably used Microsoft Office some time in your career and appreciated it for its convenience and superior user experience. Now, Microsoft offers Office365. This can include the traditional Office Suite and business email (email migration). Microsoft partnered with I.T. Guys now gives you the opportunity to affordably migrate your business’ email to Office 365.

First introduced in 2010 as a private beta for various organizations, Office 365 (email migration) later went public in 2011 with the goal to integrate Office features with other existing online services. If you’ve been wanting to boost your business productivity without incurring any hefty investment, then making the Office 365 migration (email migration) now may be your best shot ever:

1. Accessibility: Anywhere and Anytime

“Office when and where you need it.” That’s the motto of Office 365. By storing everything on Microsoft’s servers, Office 365 gives people an easy access to documents no matter where they go. This allows employees to store, edit, and review files from a single interface and collaborate with better efficiency. 

2. Cost: Better and Cheaper

While small businesses may need to pay large up front cost per user for Office, you can get a better deal from Office 365 Business Essential for $60 per year ($5/month). Likewise, small businesses paying hundreds or thousands of dollars a year to manage their on premise servers can now add their business’ email for just a few more dollars per month per user. According to Microsoft, the Office 365 subscription is not only affordable, but also versatile. It includes “other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services), such as Skype for Business.”

3. Updates & Maintenance: Seamless

Businesses will enjoy Office 365 for not only their convenience and affordability, but also their user-friendliness. Because the goal of Office 365 (email migration) is to give online subscribers seamless access to all Office applications and other online services, Microsoft has made updates and maintenance easy. As PCWorld shares, Office 365 (email migration) takes all the IT headaches away. It is responsible for all the maintenance so that updates, patches, and upgrades just happen in the background.

Migrating to Office 365 (email migration) is about improving your business and collaboration efficiency. Since every business is unique, the logistics of making an Office 365 migration on-premise may be tricky. Don’t let the migration become a barrier. Call us at 405-748-0808 to migrate your business to Office 365 (email) today!

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