3 Reasons Your Business Should Migrate to Office 365 (Email Migration)

As most business owners, you’ve probably used Microsoft Office some time in your career and appreciated it for its convenience and superior user experience. Now, Microsoft offers Office365. This can include the traditional Office Suite and business email (email migration). Microsoft partnered with I.T. Guys now gives you the opportunity to affordably migrate your business’ […]

What You Need To Know About Ransomware in 2016

The ransomware menace isn’t just escalating—it’s widening as well. We have seen a recent spike of reports on up-dates for current crypto-ransomware versions, in addition to findings of three fresh ransomware categories with new routines. This correlates with our forecasts regarding this growing risk, and how it can be a larger problem as cybercriminals up-date […]

Could VR Make It This Time Around?

Virtual Reality is the perpetual motion machine of tech: every time you look around, there’s some wild-eyed inventor with a weird contraption and the same claim: ‘this time, it works!’ So we’ve gotten used to pointing VR over to the corner with the deathrays and cold fusion guys. But we could be wrong this time. […]

3 of The Best: Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software sets marketing departments free to concentrate on more valuable tasks, by taking over the more repetitive aspects of the job. It can also help by providing clear goals, checklists and processes that everyone from consultants to part-time marketing staff can follow, so marketing is less error-prone as well as more streamlined. From […]

5 of the Best Free Online Presentation Tools

Productivity is increasingly moving away from the classic desktop machine. As mobile, BYOD and cloud transfigure the way we work – soon to be further disrupted by Google’s Chromebit,which can transform any screen into a computer for $100 – we need software tools that facilitate productivity in that new environment. our four slides on MS […]

4 Gmail Hacks For Productivity

Gmail is a handy tool. But if you’ve never changed the setup on yours you could be leaving a lot on the table. Messing with the configuration of basic online tools is up there with people who use massive complex graphics as desktop backgrounds – a symptom of having too much free time, a sign […]

The iOS Hack That Could Create Apple-Free Zones

Apple hasn’t historically faced the same malware threats as Windows, mainly because it was simply used by fewer people. But now that mobile Apple products are everywhere, hackers are figuring out ways to attack the platform. Most of these are frightening only if it’s your credit card details in the hands of the Russian mafia; […]

How to Connect With Customers on Twitter

While there are some obvious pointers that work across any channel, from the phone to a letter – relevance, value, engaging style – the social networks can’t all be approached in the same way. It’s not just that most of us have used them for personal reasons and it can come as a shock that […]

Social Death:What Happened To Google +?

You have a Google + account. You may not know it, but you do. Everyone who has a Gmail or YouTube account has one. Everyone who uses Google’s cloud productivity and storage suite has one. And everyone who has an Android phone has one. But the number of active users has always trailed far behind […]

Mark Up Word Documents in Google Docs

Google Docs is most people’s first taste of the ease and convenience of cloud, though trends suggest it’s likely to become the norm soon. Meantime, many jobs that were once done on Microsoft’s productivity suite are moving over the Google. But one standby of the Microsoft system that we just can’t seem to quit is […]

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